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Jay's Taste

kortfilm van de Ontbranding!!!!
Jay’s Taste, a shortfilm from director Hans Lein, 
produced by Cosmic...

Eerst op HET IFFR 2012,
daarna op de Pleinbioscoop, 
vervolgens in Montreal 
( The MontrealInternational Black Film Festival) Canada 
en ten slotte (2 februari 2013) 
op het San Diego Black Film Festival 

Jay has just returned from prison where he learned
 to be a cook. Full of good intentions, he opens his
new restaurant, Jay’s Taste and tries to stimulate 
his stepson Joey to stay on track. However, Jay’s 
criminal past reenters his life.  Joey, to whom he 
wishes to transfer the restaurant in time, finds Jay’s
 old friends Moffo a lot more interesting than the smell 
of marinated duck. His protective attitude to Joey leads 
- by accident - to his killing of Moffo. 

Director's statement

I work a lot with youngster in my theater shows 

and my films, I see a lot of talent choosing the

wrong path and I always wonder what happens

in the head of a youngster prior to choosing the 

criminal path. In this case, why does Joey ignore 

Jay’s love? Why does he ignore his own talent, 

as so many youngsters do? How can we place 

Jay’s ambition to be a good father to Joey, if it 

becomes clear that he once had the same dream 

as Joey has now; a world of power, easy money 

and big cars. 

In this film I’m looking in between film, theater 
and animation. We use theatrical lighting to isolate
 actors or props from their surrounding; sounds 
with emphasis on detail; animation to get into 
another world.In this short film the emotional 
and dramatic is in the actions. Actions which 
seem to be without any connection to the story 
but they set the atmosphere and create the
 tension between the characters.
Producer’s statement
Jay’s Taste is a film about the inevitable. 
A simple film with a social message that is typical 
for the work of Hans Lein. As producer we like 
to the ‘stories’ that moves people by means of
 confrontation. We also support films, which 
expand the boundaries of film in this case, a 
crossover between the visual of film and animation,
 and the directness of theater.
COSMIC is a Dutch production company that 
develops and roduces ‘stories’ for all possible 
media platforms. For further information contact 
creative producer Ruud Boel -

Credits list

Hans Lein
Dennis Rudge
Elvin Rigters
Jeremy Moniz
Caitlin Schaap

Director of Photography
Robert Jan Schmidt
Arthur Bueno
Paul M. van Brugge
Creative Producer
Ruud Boel, Cosmic  
Sebastiaan de Ruiter
Set dresser
Fabio Thomaz
Sound design
Henk Jelle de Groot
Kees Riphagen
Camera assistant
Thomas Hoorweg
Make-up artist
Alina Stefan
Hans Lein
Focus puller
Florian Vermeulen
Ab Grooters
Charlotte Provot
Title sequence & Poster design
Laura Putter
Richard Rosser
Produced by
Foundation De Ontbranding
Cosmic Media, Rotterdam 

With thanks to:
OBR (P.Zwart en M.Tans)
Nivell theatertechniek
Poelier Treuren
Willem de Kooning Academie (Karen Mertens)
Scapino Ballet
Hogeschool Rotterdam
Rotterdams Wijktheater
Lucky Dubz
Invite AV
Ed Rust.
Chris Bol
Jolanda Spoel
Theater Walhalla
Jay is net terug uit de gevangenis.  Hij heeft daar 
een diploma als kok behaald. 
Boordevol goede voornemens gaat hij binnenkort  
zijn nieuwe restaurant openen:  Jay's taste.  
Hij zal daarmee zijn moeder zaliger opvolgen. 
Hij probeert zijn stiefzoon te prikkelen om ook 
dat goede pad op te gaan.  Echter:  zijn verleden 
blijft hem achtervolgen.  Zijn oude vrienden staan
 al snel op de stoep.
Zijn stiefzoon (aan wie hij het restaurant op 
termijn wil overdragen) vindt die oude vrienden
 een stuk interessanter dan de geur van gemarineerde eend.  

De cast is Dennis Rudge, Elvin Rigters, Jeremy Moniz
 en Caitlin Schaap.

De camera Robert Jan Schmidt
Gaffer     Kees Riphagen
Visagie  Alina Stefan
Focuspuller    Florian Vermeulen
Geluid Albert (Ab) Grooters      
Setdresser           Fabio Thomaz
Tekeningen/animatie    Charlotte Provot
                                 en Lucky Dubz

Met dank aan OBR (P.Zwart en M.Tans), 
Nivell theatertechniek, poelier Treuren, 
Willem de KOoning Academie, Scapino Ballet, 
Rotterdams Wijktheater en Ed Rust.

De productie was in handen van COSMIC en de Ontbranding.

Regie en script : Hans Lein. 

ook te zien op imbd..